About me

Me standing in front ob an Emirates Airbus A380 with Dubai Expo livery

Who’s talking?

Hi there! My name is Mike, and I am a visual impaired blogger based in Vienna, Austria. I have a background in Geography, a full-time job in the IT sector and travelling is one of my hobbies. Besides that, I’m also into photography especially architecture and landscape.

When you think about travelling, you always need some form of transportation. As I am not allowed to have a driver’s license, I must know my way around with all the other forms of transportation. That’s why I became quite an expert in public transport and exploring places on foot.

What’s this about?

After the covid pandemic in the early 20’s I wanted to combine all my strengths and hobbies and share my knowledge publicly because I’m sure it can be useful for so many people. Travelling to unknown places is not only a challenge for people with disabilities but for everybody.

LowVisionTravel.com is dedicated to everyone who is looking for firsthand information on how to get from one place to another and the look & feel of the destination. I will only write about first-hand experience; this is not going to be one of those copy & paste or AI written blogs.

Raising awareness is also a goal of this blog. Not everything is as accessible as it should be. If I notice accessibility issues on my trips, I will try to talk to the responsible authority to achieve necessary changes. Not only because of that, please always keep in mind that the experience on your journey might be different than mine.

How do you finance everything?

This website and all my trips are fully paid out of my own pocket. There are no ads or affiliate links, and I don’t earn money on social media right know. That might change at a certain point to cover all expenses for this website and my tech equipment. But one thing will never change. I’m not going to do staged reviews for money. I have always been more of a direct person, so if there is something I don’t like I’ll name it.