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In September 2023 I stayed 4 nights in Prague as part of my late summer vacation. In this review of the Almanac X Alcron Hotel, I will talk about location, check-in experience, my booked room, breakfast options and of course challenges along the way. As I am dependent on walkable distances or public transportation, I always chose my hotels by location, so let’s start with the booking process.

Location & Pricing

The Almanac X wasn’t my first choice, I had already booked a different hotel earlier this year. However, I changed my mind a couple of days before my journey because I saw there were some last-minute discounts for this hotel on Yes discounts, first the overall price was reduced, then there were two cashback discounts applicable. The combination of all three made it quite a bargain, especially for a 5-star hotel. I sadly didn’t take notes on what the actual price was. But I will do that on all upcoming trips, promise!

The Almanac X in Prague is more of an average building. There is nothing that catches your eye if you walk past it.

I was also impressed by the location. As I was arriving and leaving at the main station of Prague (hlavní nádraží), I was looking for a hotel between the main station and the heart of the city. You can see in the map it is less than 15 minutes to reach both on foot, perfect! Due to the location, I didn’t need public transport to get around the city.

Check-in and Lobby

My first impression when I walked into the hotel was quite good, the lobby was not too bright or too dark and neither too big nor too cramped. The check-in desk was on the left side when entering the building. There was no one in front of me so we got started with all the formalities right away. After filling out a paper form (see also my comments on that in the challenges section of this review) I quickly got my room card. To head to the room, you have three elevators at your disposal, or I guess you could take the stairs, but who really does that? Behind the elevators there is another lounge area with a piano where you can sit and take phone calls if you don’t want that your room neighbor is listening, but more on that later.

The lobby of Almanac X in Prague.
The upper part of the lobby of Almanac X in Prague.


Honestly, I have some mixed feelings about the (very clean) Almanac X room. First let me tell you what you find in the room. The bathroom had a standard shower, sink, mirror and toilet configuration with some amenities and enough towels. The room had a mirror, minibar, safe, a well sized TV, king size bed, table with chair, a small couch thing with an even smaller table and a window with blackout curtains. All in all, a typical hotel room.

I liked the bathroom and the huge comfortable bed. On the other hand, the room is probably not the best for a digital native because a standard 16-inch laptop doesn’t fit into the surprisingly small safe. The table in the room is small too, and your knees hit the wall while sitting there. I also noticed that there were no coat hooks in the room.

Room of Almanac X in Prague.
On the left side in the bathroom is a shower, in the middle there is a sink with a big mirror and on the right hand side is the toilet.

Do you remember the line where I told you that the lounge area with the piano would be a great place for making phone calls? I actually did that because I had a connecting room and the door to the next room was poorly soundproofed, you basically heard everything. I got lucky with my neighbor who wasn’t talking, snoring or watching TV all night long, so this is more of an Information for you that when you like a quiet room, a connecting room would probably not make you happy.

Let’s talk more about tech, the Wi-Fi is open for everyone, there is no registration or Wi-Fi password needed. Make sure you use a VPN when you access it. A nice feature was the information you get on the TV screen. You can look at the prices of the minibar items (some are complimentary) and study the manual for the A/C. What was not mentioned in the manual was that the maximum temperature possible is 23° Celsius or 296.15 Kelvin.

Information about the minibar prices on a TV in a room of Almanac X in Prague.
Information about the A/C settings on the TV in a room of Almanac X in Prague.


Breakfast was available from 7:00 am and not hard to find. Just take the elevator, head down to the lobby, look at that weird table art in front of you and turn right, that’s it. You will be asked for your room number and then escorted to a table.

Piece of art on a table in the Lobby of Almanac X in Prague.
A typical fully prepped breakfast table of Almanac X in Prague.

The breakfast buffet is rather simple, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The range is from milk, yoghurt, cereals and fresh fruit to cheese, salmon and salami on the first buffet counter. On the second buffet you find bread, pastry, some sweet dishes and fresh juices. For some that might be a disappointing breakfast buffet, but I like it when I don’t get lost due to an endless variety.

The first part of the breakfast buffet of Almanac X in Prague with fresh fruit, cheese, salmon, ham, salami, yoghurt and cereals.
The first part of the breakfast buffet of Almanac X in Prague with pastry and bread.

Coffee or tea will be brought to your table. In addition to the buffet, there is a small à la carte menu available which I really liked. In my opinion an à la carte breakfast menu is the best thing that can happen to you. That makes such a big difference. I only had that a couple of times so far, and I always changed from a sleepy grumpy not at all morning person into a happy one. The dishes I tried this time were the eggs benedict, the omelet and the porridge. I totally can recommend those. All in all, I liked the breakfast and shout-out to the staff, they were all very nice and attentive.

A la carte menu with eight items on it.


I noticed two things while staying at this hotel. The first one is sadly still rather typical for almost every hotel. Why do I have to fill out a paper form in 2023 when I booked the room online? It would be great if my personal data would be directly submitted to the hotel or if the hotel offers to fill out that form online before you get there. Paper forms tend to have small print to get as much information as possible on one page. Filling them out is always a challenge.

The second thing I want to mention is that the hotel has three elevators, and they are not identical. When your eyesight is not the best, the typical approach is checking out the panel in the elevator closely to find your floor and then remember the position of the button, so you don’t always have to take a closer look. Elevators with different panels is of course not a deal breaker and can happen everywhere because of several reasons.

One of the elevators of Almanac X in Prague has round buttons with braille on some of them.
On another elevator of Almanac X in Prague there are also round buttons but braille is next to them on the button frame.

The good thing that comes out of this I can give you a little comparison between them. On the second panel the room numbers are clearly visible while on the first panel you must look closer because the contrast is not as good as on the second panel. The downside on the second panel are the strip lights next to the buttons because it makes it harder to take a closer look when you are sensitive to light. Both panels have Braille description but as I haven’t learned Braille, I can’t tell you much about that.


Now we are getting to the almighty question, would I book it again for the price I booked it? Probably yes, the Location is perfect, the bed & breakfast was great, and the staff was nice too. The only thing I wish for would be a bigger safe in the room because with the current safe I had to carry around my laptop all day long through cobble stone paradise Prague. In terms of accessibility, it was easy to navigate through the hotel and breakfast buffet and the only two things that could be taken under consideration would be a modernization of the check-in process and harmonization of the elevator panels.


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