National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic

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The National Technical Museum of the Czech Republic consists of several buildings. In September 2023 I visited the main building near the city center of Prague. The full address is:

Kostelní 1320/42, 170 00 Praha 7-Letná, Czech Republic

The most comfortable and quickest option to get there would be taking the tram to Letenské náměstí. There are several lines heading up to the station near the museum, you can use Google Maps for planning your trip, it worked flawless when I wanted to go there. Once you got to the tram station it is only a 10-minute walk to get to the museum. The walk to the museum should be easy, you will follow side roads with crosswalks and not much traffic. After you leave the museum, check out the park in front of it, it offers great views, and you have several opportunities to walk down to the river and the city center.

Permanent exhibitions

There are lots of objects in the permanent exhibition but the only ones that were memorable for me were those in the big hall. The cars, bikes, locomotives, and planes were very interesting. I haven’t read all the stories of those objects but noticed there were some vehicles from Laurin & Klement, Tatra, Škoda and the Imperial-Royal Austrian State Railways from the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These are some real treasures! This big hall alone is worth the visit. One thing that makes me sad is, that there is no audio guide available. Those objects would tell amazing stories, please share some with us! Let me show you some pictures:

Overview of the main hall of the National Technical Museum in Prague with lots of cars, planes and trains on display.
Overview of the main hall of the National Technical Museum in Prague with lots of cars, planes and trains on display.
Various cars on display at National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic.
Various cars on display at National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic.
There is an old triplet bicycle on display in the National Technical Museum in Prague.
Steam locomotive 252 008 on display at National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic.
Steam locomotive 411 019 on display at National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic.
Steam locomotive 20001 on display at National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic.

Temporary Exhibitions

At the time I visited the museum there were two temporary exhibitions. The first was about 100 years Czech radio and the second was about the development of photography. While the radio exhibition had some interesting objects I did not really connect because I am a foreigner and never listened to Czech radio in my life. The development of photography exhibition was great because of two things, first it had a dark theme with darker rooms and dark signs with bright text which is extremely comfortable for my eyes and second the collection covered every century and major milestone of photography, they even had one showcase about photogrammetry.

Radio exhibition at National Technical Museum Prague in celebration of 100 years czech radio.
Picture of the Radio exhibition at National Technical Museum Prague with various objects at display like a radio broadcast mixer.
Photography exhibition at National Technical Museum Prague with various colour instant cameras on display.
Stereoscope at National Technical Museum Prague, Czech Republic.
Stereoscope with a picture of a locomotive at National Technical Museum Prague, Czech Republic.

Accessibility & Challenges

Well, the first thing I noticed on the website was that there seems to be no audio guide. I know this requires proper funding and this museum might not get enough money to create one, but it should be standard in every national museum. Especially when it is so easy to create one. The text is already available on the signs, and you don’t even have to hire a professional speaker every time something changes because you could just use an artificial voice which would be totally sufficient. Without an audio guide my experience is different than for average sighted people. I mostly cannot read detailed explanations of exhibition objects because usually the print is way to small. My workaround would be taking a photo of the object description and then zoom in to read it. This is however only a workaround because it is very time consuming and not something you are looking forward to do when visiting a museum. While others simply browse through the museum’s objects with reading one or two lines while passing by an object, I can’t do that. Either I read everything in detail, or I will miss out on interesting stuff. I also don’t see all the details of the object itself, so this is another disadvantage. There are only two things that really make visits to a museum easier, either bringing someone with you to assist with those issues or an audio guide.

Orientation in the building was easy, it is not as big as it seemed from the outside. The upper floors of the big hall with all the vehicles were one-way paths but other than that you could roam freely. Illumination in the rooms was varying in different levels from bright to dark. What about the signs for all the objects? There is no standard throughout the museum. There are some differences between rooms and even objects. Sometimes the signs are dark with bright letters and on other occasions it’s the other way around. Signs are always in Czech and English but from time to time you find sings with smaller font in the English section. The signs are luckily not as small as in most art galleries I have visited. Here in this museum, they usually use most of the space they have available next to the object.

Picture of chemical formulas at National Technical Museum Prague, Czech Republic.


I would rate this museum a bit above average. What I didn’t like was that there was no audio guide offered. This limits the experience for someone who has a visual disadvantage. With some parts of the museum, I did not really connect due to not living in the Czech Republic, but that is not part of my negative things list, I would rate this point as neutral. On the plus side they have some great objects with high historical value in the big hall of the museum and the temporary photography exhibition was a very pleasant surprise because I did not check what exhibitions they have, and this is one of my favorite topics. These objects and vehicles are the things I will remember the most and left kind of a heartwarming feeling. Please give us an audio guide and tell some great stories about your objects it is a pity not offering that.

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