The start of something new

by | Sep 30, 2023 | News

A very warm welcome on board on this journey around the world. We are now beginning our takeoff preparations and kindly ask you to put your seat in a comfortable position. On our trip I will show you the world from a different perspective. Everyone sees the world differently and so do I.

I will show you what it is like to travel when your body might not meet all the requirements of a built environment. Or is it the other way around? The human shaped world does not meet all the requirements of my body. I will go into more detail further along the way. What I can say now is that often it is the little things that make my life easy or rather complicated. Maybe I can change some of these things through writing about it.

What can you expect next? There is lots of stuff to write about. I traveled to various European airports, cities and to Singapore earlier this year. New trips to Asia and North America are already in a planning phase. But now I really must go, because it’s time for takeoff, enjoy the trip!

Vienna Lounge at Vienna International Airport Terminal 1