Vienna International Airport App (VIE)

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Mobile apps of airports can be very helpful to navigate through an airport. This is why I am eager to check them out in detail. You can find my complete test environment at the end of the article. I tested this app on 4 devices, my main device where I will present you the app will be a Samsung S23+.


The ‘ViennaAirport’ app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, there is a downside on Apple tablets, they are not fully supported. You basically use the smartphone app, just on a bigger screen. For using the app, you need an internet connection on all devices.

Device Available
Apple iPhone Yes
Apple iPad iPhone version only
Android Smartphone Yes
Android Tablet Yes


Vienna International Airport (VIE) App in the Google Play Store.

Core Functions

So, let’s talk about the core functions of the app. The first thing you see are three big buttons, one for takeoff, landing and a code scanner. In my opinion this app is primarily an app for departure information. If you hit the departing plane on the screen you get to the departure board of Vienna International Airport (VIE). This is where you can select your flight by tapping on the + right next to it. You now have activated status updates for your flight.

The screenshot shows the start screen of the ViennaAirport app.
To add a flight you have to select it from a list of upcoming departures or search for it.

Usually, status updates start with general information like where your flight will depart from. I really enjoy this functionality because it makes your life so much easier when you get the gate information directly onto your phone. That is how stress-free travel really should be. But what if something happens like a delay or gate change? There is an app for that, and you are already looking at it. The ‘ViennaAirport’ app informs you about delays and gate changes via push message and visually in the app. My impression was that you might get the information even quicker than everybody else waiting at the gate, at least that happened to me a couple of times with Austrian Airlines flights outbound from Vienna. The app also informs you when the gate is open (which means that a gate agent is now available to talk to at the gate). Do you like to watch what’s going on at an airport or do some intense shopping? Even though the app tells you when boarding has started, be careful because technology always has its flaws, and you don’t want to miss your flight due to an IT problem. There is one final note to the two screenshots below, have a look at the symbol with two arrows on the upper right corner of the screen. With this symbol you can activate a hidden menu.

This screenshot shows a gate change info in the ViennaAirport App.
The screenshot shows a delayed flight in the ViennaAirport App.

This hidden menu offers a great feature you shouldn’t miss. Just below the departing plane symbol in the middle of the screen there is a Point of Interest needle symbol. Try to tap on it! An airport map opens and zooms right to your designated gate. It can give you a sense of how far down the corridor your gate is.

The screenshot shows an alternative view of the selected flight with additional options.
The screenshot shows the airport map in the ViennaAirport App.

Lust but not least the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of the screen opens the main menu of the app. There is not that much noteworthy stuff in there. The only interesting options are that you can access the airport map from this menu too and there is a travel checklist, so that you are well prepared for your journey. Although the travel checklist is a nice feature, I am not sure I will ever use it because normally I use the app when I arrive at the airport for departing Vienna and that might be little bit too late for a travel checklist.

The screenshot shows the main menu of the ViennaAirport app.
The screenshot shows the travel checklist in the ViennaAirport App.


What about accessibility? Well, it depends on what device you are using. On an Android phone or tablet I had no issues with my settings. However, on an Apple device, I cannot use the app at all if there is an info box displayed because there is no way I can get rid of this info box. This problem has to be fixed quickly! The OK button is out of sight, and Apple devices do not have software buttons like Android devices to resolve this problem with an alternative solution. As you can see on the first screenshot, on Android devices the OK button is in sight, and you could also use the back button to skip the info box. The second thing I noticed is, that there is no native iPad app. On the second screenshot, you can see that the app only uses the dimensions of the iPhone version and that there is no OK button.

This screenshot shows an infobox popup.
This screenshot is showing the ViennaAirport App which can't handle bigger font and is not optimized for Apple tablets.


The ‘ViennaAirport’ app is not the fanciest app, but it does its basic job very well. I use it every time when I am departing at Vienna International Airport (VIE) and I’m glad I don’t have to take pictures of various screens all the time to find my gate or to check if something has changed. This app makes it so much easier to travel. However, there is a severe issue with the app on Apple devices when the airport makes use of an info box to inform about events that might impact flights. In that case, the app is completely unusable if you have activated bigger font on your Apple devices. I hope this will be fixed as soon as possible.

Test Environment

My settings are not overly complicated, I use dark mode on all my devices and change the font size because I can’t use my devices with the standard settings comfortably. All Apps are tested on four different devices: two smartphones (one with Android and one with iOS) and two tablets (also one with Android and one with iPadOS).

Samsung Galaxy S23+

On my Samsung S23+ (Android 13) I changed the font size in the ‘font size and style’ settings to the fourth highest position and selected the second highest screen zoom option in the ‘screen zoom’ settings. Currently I did not change any of the ‘visibility enhancements’ settings.

In my font size and style settings the bold font mode is off and the font size is on the fourth highest position.
In the screen zoom settings i use the second highest option.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 & iPad Air 4

The settings on my Apple iPhone SE 2020 (iOS 17) and Apple iPad Air 4 (iPadOS 17) are identical. In the ‘display & text size’ settings I have activated bold text, larger text, increase contrast and differentiate without color. Text size is on the sixth highest position in the ‘larger text’ settings. For everything other than that I use standard settings.

In the display and text size settings of my iPad Air 4 I have activated the bold text, larger text, increase contrast and differentiate without colour option.
Screenshot showing my larger text settings. The option larger accessibility sizes is on and it is set to the sixt highest position.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

My settings on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Android 13) are quite like those on my Samsung Galaxy S23+, however there are some small differences. I use the highest screen zoom option in the ‘screen zoom’ settings because it prevents the two-column structure of the settings menu and transforms it into a similar experience like on the Galaxy S23+. Therefore, I must use a different font size to balance the overall reading experience. Font size is on the fourth lowest position in the ‘font size and style’ settings menu.

The font size is set to the fourth lowest position on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.
The screen zoom setting on my Tab S6 Lite is set to the highest position.


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